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And One Command Center to Rule Them All

Imagine having one, cloud-based application that that combines web/digital/mobile analytics with real-time marketing execution that that lets you import additional customer data as needed….that lets you do A/B testing, email marketing, site personalization, and more…all in single, intuitive real-time marketing application…Fantasy? Not anymore. Just like the One Ring from Tolkien, we’ve created IBM Marketing Center to be the one command center for all your digital marketing analytics and execution needs so that you can deliver marketing communications that are tailored for each unique customer, that are more personalized and relevant – and that are more successful than what you’ve been able to do in the past. Even better, you can analyze and optimize targeted, real-time site personalization and email marketing programs without burdening your technical teams. Best of all, IBM Marketing Center is designed to grow with you as your marketing needs change. So, go ahead, reach out and rule your marketing universe.

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Improve Conversions and ROI with Highly Personalized, Highly Automated Campaigns

Learn how to build and execute highly personalized campaigns – which are more likely to convert than untailored campaigns – without increasing time or effort.
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