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IBM Digital Analytics

The Strong Base that Fuels your Marketing Optimization and Execution

IBM® Digital Analytics is the strong, tireless heart that powers the IBM Digital Marketing Optimization Suite. The IBM Digital Analytics tags you deploy track website visitors and their behaviors, but they also do much more – without any additional effort on your part.

The data from your website tags creates IBM Lifetime Individual Visitor Experience (LIVE) Profiles of each visitor. LIVE Profiles then appends additional information when your visitor triggers a conversion event such as a purchase or registration. Your LIVE Profiles data automatically flows across marketing channels. LIVE Profiles collects data across multiple advertising networks or via email, video, affiliate sites, social media, and more. This gives you much deeper, continuously refined insights into your visitor’s preferences so you can use LIVE Profiles in the other IBM marketing applications and provide the most personalized visitor experience possible – and then reap the rewards of that level of customization.

IBM Digital Analytics also includes the following components:

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