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Use All the Data You’re Collecting and Make PPC Pay Off

Your pay per click (PPC) program is only as good as the visitor preference data you have. But you’re lucky. As an IBM customer, you already have lots of this data stored in your IBM LIVE Profiles, from IBM Digital Analytics and all the other IBM solutions you’re already using. That means your ads take many more parameters into account than traditional PPC applications. It also means, since you already have IBM Digital Analytics, you get a single source of truth about how well your PPC programs are doing in relation to conversions. No more trying to reconcile conversion data from your stand alone PPC application with what your website data says. In addition, great features like A/B testing and result confidence make it easy to work across multiple search engines and get outstanding PPC returns. To help you get started, conduct an annual program review, or just run the program for you on an ongoing basis, you can tap into the expertise of IBM Professional Services Consultants.

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