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Email marketing just got more effective thanks to IBM® LIVEmail. This fantastic application uses the IBM Digital Analytics tags you've already put on your site and works with your email service provider to automatically send behavior-triggered emails when a customer clicks on a certain page or downloads a specific asset. It also adds product recommendations to transactional emails with the push of a button, thanks to the new integration with IBM Intelligent Offer and the data in LIVE Profiles from all the other IBM marketing solutions you're using. And, if you’re interested in retargeting, use IBM LIVEmail and IBM AdTarget together for maximum reach and recapture. With sophisticated email strategies using IBM LIVEmail, you can take your email programs to the next level and then reap the rewards. To help you get started, conduct an annual program review, or just run the program for you on an ongoing basis, you can call in the experts at IBM Client Services Consultants.

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