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IBM Digital Analytics Lifecycle

Accelerate the Customer’s Journey to Conversion

IBM® Digital Analytics Lifecycle is the industry’s first application that maps out how customers progress across sessions and online channels by looking at long-term conversion life cycles. That means you can see how long it takes before the customer moves from being a visitor to shopper, first-time to second-time buyer, or product reviewer, as well as which segments move faster or spend more – all in one, easy-to-understand, graphical view. You can pinpoint which tools were the most effective in cultivating high-value customers, quickly retarget key segments who fall below the average time or number of sessions for progression, and tailor marketing initiatives differently to early-, mid-, and late-stage customers. And, to help you get started, conduct an annual marketing programs review, or be an ongoing resource for your team, you can tap into the expert IBM Client Services Consultants. The result is campaign optimization like never before and a very nice boost to your bottom line.

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Progress Your Customer Through the Funnel by Responding to Conversion Cycle Milestones

Learn how you can move customers through the conversion cycle more quickly and more effectively by responding to their unique needs at each stage of the consideration cycle.
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