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IBM Product Recommendations

IBM Product Recommendations

Get Personal & Get More Conversions

IBM® Product Recommendations can help make your assets work harder by adding offers and product recommendations to your emails, your websites, your mobile apps, your kiosks, call centers – whatever you use to drive conversions. Use the data you’re already gathering in your IBM tags and storing in IBM LIVE Profiles from all your other IBM solutions to automatically create personalized recommendations based on historical and current interests. Want to provide recommendations for someone new to your site? No problem, IBM Product Recommendations automatically taps the wisdom of the crowds to provide tailored suggestions – and the more tailored the suggestion, the higher the likelihood of conversion. IBM Product Recommendations makes cross-sell/up-sell literally push button simple. It has an integrated link to IBM LIVEmail so you can automatically add real-time recommendations to emails. It even has a seeding capability for promoting new products that don’t yet have any historical data. To help you get started, conduct an annual program review, or just run the program for you on an ongoing basis, you can tap into the expert IBM Client Services Consultants. Adding incremental revenue has never been easier or more flexible so why not take the plunge?

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