IBM Digital Analytics Content Recommendations.

It Really Is All About You, Pal!

IBM Digital Analytics Content Recommendations takes personalization to a new level. Now you can make your online visitors feel like they are the center of the universe by sending highly targeted content – such as articles, videos, education modules, recipes and white papers – that takes into account their lifetime browsing and shopping history. Visitors stay longer, have a higher level of engagement, and are more likely to convert. And it’s all automatic, thanks to IBM Digital Analytics Content Recommendations. This application uses the data you’re already collecting from your IBM tags about customer search and browsing behavior to automatically determine the best content for each visitor. How? It uses a powerful self-learning recommendations engine that determines ideal content. Even better, IBM Digital Analytics Content Recommendations includes tight integration with IBM Digital Analytics Lifecycle, which enables you to see how recommendations impact visitors at each stage of engagement so you know how and when to make changes to move a customer from one milestone to the next (e.g., from first-time click to repeat visit) and improve the bottom line.

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