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Transform your marketing programs with products from EMM. Explore the options.

Transform your marketing programs with products from EMM. Explore the options.

Professional Services

  • Make the most of your applications with our experts. Offerings include two types of consulting services: IBM Strategic Services, which offers a complete set of consulting services to supplement your in-house analytics team, and IBM Digital Marketing Agency Services, which helps clients optimize marketing spend for IBM applications.

Cross-Channel Marketing Products

IBM Campaign

  • Design, deploy, analyze, and optimize targeted customer-centric interactions across the enterprise.

IBM Contact Optimization

  • Streamlines processes and improve budget management of all corporate marketing programs.

IBM Distributed Marketing

  • Give distributed field marketers the ability to collaborate in corporate marketing campaigns, execute local campaigns, and measure marketing performance in real-time.

IBM Email Optimization

  • Track whether your emails are being delivered & improve performance through quick & targeted intervention.

IBM eMessage

  • Create, execute, and track personal, permission-based electronic communications.

IBM Interact

  • Acquire the power to create true multi-channel dialogues to drive more profitable customer relationships.

IBM Leads

  • Gain the ability to better manage the qualification, enrichment, distribution, maturation, and feedback loop on leads.

IBM Opportunity Detection

  • Strengthen customer relationships and boost new customer profitability with IBM Opportunity Detection’s unique event-detection engine, and on-boarding and alert capabilities.

Digital Marketing Optimization Products

IBM AdTarget

  • Increase return on ad spend with targeted display ads. The advanced segmentation capabilities of IBM AdTarget uses IBM Digital Analytics technology so you get the most relevant ads to each customer.

IBM Digital Analytics

IBM Digital Analytics Impression Attribution

  • Measure the effectiveness of off-site media. Now you can analyze and demonstrate how campaigns across the Internet influence website visitor acquisition, conversion, and retention.

IBM Digital Analytics Lifecycle

  • Accelerate the customer’s journey to conversion. IBM Digital Analytics Lifecycle is the industry's first application designed to let marketers track and understand how customers progress through long-term conversion lifecycles online.

IBM Digital Analytics Multichannel

  • Correlate offline and online data for a complete picture. With the most flexible and open data architecture available in any SaaS web analytics platform, IBM Digital Analytics Multichannel lets you extend your analytics with offline data.

IBM Digital Analytics Multisite

  • Manage and optimize multiple sites, mobile, and more. Organize analytics and marketing programs at multiple levels of roll-up while solving for the challenges that have typically been a roadblock to marketing success.

IBM Digital Data Exchange

  • Manage digital marketing tags and data syndication through IBM Digital Data Exchange. Fully manage code deployments through the user interface by syndicating IBM tags, IBM Digital Marketing Network tags and custom tag data to multiple environments.

IBM Marketing Center

  • Coordinate all your digital activities with one command center and deliver marketing communications that are tailored for each unique customer, that are more personalized and relevant – and that are more successful than what you’ve been able to do in the past.


  • Deliver targeted and relevant messages based on behavior. IBM LIVEmail is a closed loop email marketing system that links online profiles of visitor and customer activity with your email vendor, giving you the marketing tools you need to align your products and services to their behaviors.

IBM Product Recommendations

  • Tailor every experience and get more conversions. IBM Product Recommendations automatically generates personalized product recommendations based on each customer's current and historical shopping interests, wisdom of the crowd, and business rules.

Marketing Integration Optimization Products

IBM Marketing Operations On Demand

  • This marketing resource and creative project management software promotes visibility, accountability, and productivity for all your marketing programs

IBM Marketing Operations On Premise

  • Streamlines processes and improve budget management of all corporate marketing programs.

Price, Promotion, and Product Mix Optimization Products

IBM DemandTec Advanced Deal Management

  • Automates and streamlines the trade promotions process between brokers and retailers.

IBM DemandTec Assortment Optimization

  • Provides a collaborative approach for manufacturers and retailers to more effectively define localized merchandise assortments.

IBM DemandTec Deal Management

  • Automates and streamlines the presentation, negotiation and reconciliation process of trade promotions that retailers receive from consumer product manufacturer trading partners.

IBM DemandTec Markdown Optimization

  • Enables retailers to plan and optimize pricing, profit and inventory levels for merchandise, leaving the assortment, supporting a wide range of markdown types.

IBM DemandTec Price Management

  • Enables retailers to determine and implement merchandising pricing strategies based on multiple scenarios.

IBM DemandTec Price Optimization

  • Enables retailers to define strategic objectives such as increased revenues, profits and/or sales volume, then run pricing simulation and optimization scenarios to optimize prices to best achieve these objectives.

IBM DemandTec Promotion Execution

  • Enables retailers to build a single repository of all their information and content related to planned promotional offers and events.

IBM DemandTec Promotion Optimization

  • Enables retailers to evaluate incoming vendor offers and plan all promotions.

IBM DemandTec Promotion Planning

  • Enables retailers to establish a single repository of promotional offers, improving visibility and accountability, helping to reduce errors, and streamline promotion execution.

IBM DemandTec Shopper Insights

  • Enables retailers and their manufacturers trading partners to analyze shopper behavior - including trips, product purchase and frequency, and more.

IBM DemandTec Strategic Marketing Planning

  • Enables retailers and manufacturers to understand, plan and predict marketing mix outcomes across marketing vehicles.

IBM DemandTec Strategic Trade Planning

  • Enables manufacturers to understand, plan and predict macro marketing and trade promotion outcomes.

IBM DemandTec Customer Trade Planning

  • Allows business managers to forecast promotion and pricing activity in a unified planning environment.

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