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Mega Monday

IBM finds mobile and online shopping up again on Boxing Day

Holiday Benchmark staff | December 27 2013

In the UK, some astounding mobile numbers - Mobile % of traffic at 58% and mobile % of sales over 45%!


Black Friday Alerts

Alert: Mobile Traffic and Sales Surge on Christmas Day 2013

Holiday Benchmark staff | December 26 2013 9 am EST

Mobile Accounts for Nearly Half of All Online Traffic.


Click Frenzy Report

Serving the Holiday Shopper at Every Turn

Chris Luongo | December 19 2013

What's Santa's secret to getting presents from Point A to Point B this season? As IBM's Chris Luongo show us in this illustrated storyboard, the magic lies in an omnichannel approach.


Click Frenzy Report

Apparel Retailers Pin Holiday Hopes On Social Media

Naomi Gross | December 13 2013

More and more apparel retailers and designers are looking to social media like Pinterest to drive awareness and sales. Naomi Gross, professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology take a look at this growing trend and what IBM Benchmark numbers revealed.


Click Frenzy Report

Comparing Shopping Holidays Around The World

Holiday Benchmark staff | December 11 2013

How did Aussie's 'Click Frenzy' compare to Brits and Americans 'Cyber Monday' this year? Read our complete Click Frenzy break down with a bonus side-by-side look at the Australian numbers against other prominent global shopping holidays.


Keith Mercier

Holiday Showdown: Retailers & Consumers Jockey For Position

Keith Mercier | December 10 2013

We're in the throws of retail's biggest online shopping game of the year. So who's got the advantage: consumers or online retailers? IBM's Keith Mercier breaks down the key match ups for you.


Mega Monday

Brits Break Out Mobile Devices on Cyber Monday

Holiday Benchmark staff | December 5 2013

In the UK, mobile sales soared 94.3 percent while Samsung users placed the largest mobile orders.


Black Friday Alerts

Looking back: Cyber Monday, Black Friday & Thanksgiving Shopping in Real Time

Holiday Benchmark staff | December 3 2013 8:30 am EST

Here's how these record-breaking shopping holidays unfolded by the hour according to IBM's real-time analytics alerts


Click Frenzy

'Click Frenzy' Sales Jump 16% Over Last Year; A Preview To Come For US's Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Holiday Benchmark staff | November 20 2013

Thanks to the growing influence of the digital consumer in Australia, Click Frenzy is set to become a catalyst for increased holiday sales.


Shopping in the Cloud this Holiday Season

Shopping in the Cloud this Holiday Season

Jay Henderson and Jill Puleri, IBM | November 23 2013

See how retailers are using cloud to deliver an omnichannel holiday experience this season in this short video clip with IBM's Jay Henderson and Jill Puleri.


Let's Talk Turkey

Let's Talk Turkey

Jay Henderson, IBM | November 23 2013

Missed last night's Twitter chat with IBM's marketing expert Jay Henderson? Here's a transcript from #MediaChat where marketers and retailers fired off their last minute questions in preparation for the year's biggest online shopping week.

Click over to Hashtracking Report and click 'Transcript' in the left side nav bar.


Bigger Holiday Profits: There's A Cloud For That

Bigger Holiday Profits: There's A Cloud For That

Retailers using real-time big data and cloud will be the true winners this holiday retail season.

Maria Winans, IBM | November 13 2013


A Merry Season for Retailers Who 'Get' Mobile

A Merry Season for Retailers Who 'Get' Mobile

A look at how retailers are cashing in on the mobile shopping surge

Alisa Maclin, IBM | November 19 2013


Interview: this year’s emerging online retail trends

Interview: this year’s emerging online retail trends

Christopher Withers | September 29 2013

Chris Withers, head of Smarter Commerce, IBM UK and Ireland, discusses online, mobile, and in-store retail and the findings of the 2013 IBM Christmas Readiness Report.


New IBM data shows online shopping surge in October and early November

New IBM data shows online shopping surge in October and early November; bodes well for upcoming holiday season.

Holiday Benchmark staff | November 11 2013


Mobile sales surge 60% in IBM Online Retail

Mobile sales surge 60% in IBM Online Retail Index for the third quarter, largest YoY increase since 4Q 2012

Holiday Benchmark staff | November 5 2013


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