Top reasons to try IBM Sametime software

Powerful, flexible software that makes social communications simple

Social communications is the evolution of unified communications (UC) that provides integrated voice, data and video across social networks. IBM® Sametime® software delivers simple and seamless access to enterprise instant messaging, online meetings, telephony, video conferencing and more—wherever people are working. Sametime software provides an immediate and cost-effective way to help improve customer engagement and to help teams make faster, expertise-based decisions with people inside and outside of your business without travel costs. Sametime software can be integrated with applications your workforce uses every day for easy access to a broad array of tools based on situation and user preferences.

There are many reasons why customers choose Sametime software.

Top reasons to try Sametime software

Enable faster, expertise-based decisions across the networks of people engaged in your social business
Provide an immediate and cost-effective way help teams work with their professional network contacts, both inside and outside the organization, to respond to customer demands and changing market conditions. Help people spend less time trying to find experts who can answer questions and more time being productive – wherever they are working.

Improve customer engagement and answer questions quickly
When Sametime is part of your customer-facing web presence, you can offer an exceptional customer experience which includes immediate access to your customer care representatives to get answers. The results can give you a stronger customer understanding, improve client satisfaction and loyalty, as well as lower help desk and customer service costs through faster issue resolution.

Provide people choice and flexibility with simple and seamless communications to get the job done
A unified user experience across a broad set of real-time social communications capabilities allows escalation from instant messaging to group chats, voice chats, multi-way video chats or audio/video online meetings. Tightly integrated tools in Sametime software make it easy to switch social communications on a variety of devices-- as your conversation evolves.

Speed business processes for better outcomes
Sametime software provides standard Web 2.0 tools that make it easy for software vendors and enterprise developers to embed communications into their business processes—creating communications-enabled business processes (CEBP). Reduce the time to complete a business process and drive more sales by speeding approvals.

Make it easy for people to access key functions from their desktop and mobile apps
See–right within applications—who is available for collaboration and then communicate in a single click. Built-in integration of Sametime social communications tools with IBM WebSphere® Portal, IBM Notes®, IBM Lotus Quickr™, IBM Connections, Microsoft® Office, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft SharePoint software to use real-time social communications in context of your work. Sametime also enables integration with third-party business applications. Sametime mobile features support Apple iOS, Google Android, BlackBerry®, Nokia Symbian and Microsoft Windows Mobile handheld devices. (See Sametime application integration page for more information.)

Cut travel, conferencing and communication costs
See who is available right now and let the software find them. Use online meetings, Voice over IP (VoIP) and more. Organizations can reduce travel expenses, lower audio- and Web-conferencing service expenses, and dramatically reduce telephony expenses. These cost savings are large enough that Sametime implementations typically pay for themselves in under a year.

Hire and keep the best talent
Evolve a more collaborative culture across teams—around the world or in the same building by leveraging social communications. Provide better employee work-life balance by extending the ability to work with their professional networks virtually anywhere while ensuring effective management and working environment. Acquire—and retain— better talent to fuel your success by taking location away as a hiring factor limit.

Unify and extend your communications environment
Gain integrated voice, computer and telephony. Use Sametime software's integrated voice over IP (VoIP) and high-quality desktop video capabilities—or use third-party plug-ins—to integrate with your existing systems. Use optional one-number phone service, softphone and intelligent call management capabilities through an existing telephony infrastructure. Sametime software's robust software developer kit (SDK) features an Eclipse-based rich client and Web 2.0 APIs to speed extensions to the platform.

Protect your investments in applications, voice and video
Interfaces with existing data and telephony networks using standards-based tools and middleware help you use your existing infrastructure. Sametime software supports and integrates with multiple client and server operating systems, e-mail platforms, directories, telephony, audio conferencing and video conferencing systems.

Get security features, reliability and scalability you can trust
It is IBM software, so it is designed to provide the security features, reliability and scalability enterprises need. Sametime security features and centralized management capabilities help administrators plan, deploy and manage their environment and keep down costs.