Lotus Domino Document Manager

In February 2009, IBM announced the withdrawal of Lotus Domino Document Manager (previously known as Domino.Doc).

As of May 12, 2009, the software will not be available for purchase; end of support will take effect on September 30, 2012.

Realizing the promise of team collaboration and content management

IBM is committed to helping you modernize your document management systems, and to helping you get more out of your document management investments. For many organizations, the additional team collaboration capabilities of Lotus Quickr complement and help expand the benefits of IBM content management.

If you had active entitlement to Lotus Domino Document Manager at the time that we announced withdrawal, you should have automatically received equal entitlement to IBM Lotus Quickr. You have the option of converting this entitlement to one of our offerings that combines Lotus Quickr with the power of IBM Enterprise Content Management, either IBM Content Manager Collaboration Edition or IBM FileNet Content Manager Collaboration Edition.

You have the flexibility to get started with Lotus Quickr now while you plan your overall migration at your own pace.

The bottom line: If you want to start using Lotus Quickr, you don't need to do anything. Your transfer of entitlement to Lotus Quickr has already been handled and processed automatically by IBM. If, on the other hand, you want to use one of the combined Lotus Quickr - ECM bundles, you need to make that decision soon and request an entitlement transfer from your IBM representative.

Easing Migration

IBM has contracted with one of our Business Partners to provide a no-charge tool to help migrate from Lotus Domino Document Manager to Lotus Quickr. This tool is available through trained IBMers and Business Partners around the world. You'll find a list of many of those partners below, or you can contact your IBM representative for assistance in getting the tool. You will also find the redbook: Self Assessment and Strategy Guide for Migrating from Domino Document Manager extremely helpful throughout your transition process.

Customers and IBM Business Partners have been looking to IBM for a smart and cost-effective way to modernize their document management infrastructure, in order to make their content more accessible, to leverage Web 2.0 and team collaboration, and to integrate social content sharing capabilities. The migration options and choices IBM is providing to Lotus Domino Document Manager customers provides the smartest and most attractive path to the future.

Please see the Withdrawal Announcement for more detailed information about the Lotus Domino Document Manager withdrawal and entitlements.

Lotus Domino Document Manager Migration Assistance

The IBM services organization and our Business Partners are ready to help you with every phase of your transition from Domino Document Manager to another solution: from initial planning and analysis to content migration to end user training. Following is a list of IBM groups and Business Partners who can provide assistance and the migration tool.

Name Geography covered
ARS Computer und Consulting GmbH Europe
Autumn Leaf IT South Africa and Africa
Citent United States
Cobra Technologies Worldwide
Davalen LLC North America
Digia PLC Scandinavia and Baltics
EdgeGuide Nordics and Europe
Gear Development Canada
GIS Gesellschaft fuer InformationsSysteme mbH Germany
Grupo IntEnt Latin America
ICONUS I.T. Solutions Spain
Innovative Ideas Unlimited, Inc Worldwide
Integrasys Technologies Inc United States
JenTech Services Ltd United Kingdom
LAN2LAN United Kingdom
metaLogic Consulting Inc Worldwide
Oakmont Limited United Kingdom
Performance SQA Canada and Caribbean
Peters Technology Group Worldwide
PSC Group LLC United States
SGA Business Systems Worldwide
Silverside Belgium, Netherlands, Western Europe
Simplified Technology Solutions United States
SNAPPS Worldwide
SoftINSA Portugal and Spain
Time Technology Ltd United Kingdom and Ireland
TIMETOACT Software and Consulting GmbH Germany
Vanessa Brooks US, UK, Israel, LATAM
We4IT GmbH Germany, Austria, Switzerland

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