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Technical detail

Reliable transport for Web services

Web services provide a standards-based mechanism for re-useable software components to interact over networks.

SOAP messages between Web services are typically transported over HTTP. HTTP is the synchronous, request-response protocol commonally used by Web browsers for accessing the Internet.

WebSphere MQ can provide a more reliable, transactional transport than HTTP over which SOAP messages can be exchanged.

SOAP Layer

Like HTTP, WebSphere MQ provides a transport layer for SOAP messages to flow across. The following table highlights the advantages of using WebSphere MQ.

Web services transport

Feature Benefit HTTP WebSphere MQ
Reliable message delivery (Once-and-once only) Helps preserve data integrity. Messages not lost or duplicated by transport. No Yes
Asynchronous communication Web services need not be available or active in order for requests and responses to be exchanged. Service requestors can do useful work whilst waiting for replies. No Yes
High availability, resilience and workload distribution Reliable, enterprise-class transport No Yes
Monitoring, Auditing and Logging Know what when where and to whom No Yes
Flexible messaging Building and maintaining a dynamic data distribution model can be simplified with publish-subscribe messaging No Yes
Access to rich portfolio of Adapters Connectivity to existing applications is straightforward and easy. No Yes
Availability of powerful message brokers Easy path to powerful messaging transformation services. No Yes

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