WebSphere MQ V7.0

WebSphere MQ V7.0 is a significant milestone for IBM software. Representing well over 2,500 person months of investment, WebSphere MQ V7.0 revolutionizes this market-leading messaging SOA backbone with simultaneous new releases for distributed platforms and on z/OS for IBM System z.


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Open Beta
Experience WebSphere MQ V7.0 for yourself by downloading the open beta version. Includes beta level product code and documentation.

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Enhanced Performance

WebSphere MQ, Version 7.0 optimizes the throughput of publish-and-subscribe messaging. This release integrates publish-and-subscribe services into the queue manager, removing the need to queue publications twice between the queue manager and the previously independent publish-and-subscribe component. By optimizing message logging for persistent publish-and-subscribe messaging, throughput can increase by up to 20%*.

JMS client applications can benefit from performance enhancements in WebSphere MQ, Version 7.0. Message read-ahead can increase nonpersistent JMS throughput by up to 300%*. JMS selector performance is also enhanced in this release by running selector matching on the server side, eliminating network latencies resulting from client-side selector matching. The performance of selectors depends heavily on the actual selector criteria, the header contents and the proportion of matching messages.

With WebSphere MQ, Version 7.0, typical JMS selector scenarios can yield throughput increases of up to 250%*. WebSphere MQ, Version 7.0 optimizes JMS message listeners by eliminating polling and using asynchronous message delivery to monitor destinations. In this release, JMS message listener throughput can be increased by up to 45%* with improvements in latency.

Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) Application Servers can take advantage of these performance enhancements to improve message throughput for message-driven beans (MDBs) that are invoked whenever messages arrive through WebSphere MQ. By eliminating polling of the messaging provider, processor utilization of Application Servers can also be reduced.


* Preliminary results observed on pre-release level code.
For the latest performance information please click on Performance Reports

Enhanced MQ Explorer

WebSphere MQ V7.0 further enhances MQ Explorer, enabling remote graphical configuration of both JMS and Publish-and-subscribe messaging. For more details see the MQ Explorer page.

IBM WebSphere MQ Explorer

JMS and publish-and-subscribe can be configured graphically using MQ Explorer

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