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MQ Explorer can be installed in various ways. The table below explains the different options. There is no charge for MQ Explorer, and support is available in most cases if you have a current IBM WebSphere MQ license (consult System Requirements for details).

Installation method Notes Links
Server installation of IBM WebSphere MQ
(Windows and Linux x86/x86_64)
This option is easiest if you need to connect to local queue managers, or are installing the server version on the same machine.

Trail download from IBM WebSphere MQ

No charge download for development use only: IBM Messaging Community

Install SupportPac MS0T This option is easiest if you just need MQ Explorer on a machine to connect to remote queue managers. It provides a graphical installer.

SupportPac MS0T

Install into an existing Eclipse environment This option is good if you already have a suitable Eclipse environment – you can add MQ Explorer to that.

Eclipse Marketplace entry: MQ Explorer

Or if you are familiar with Eclipse update sites:

Install IBM Explorer for z/OS This option is good if you're using z/OS queue managers or other z/OS tools such as CICS Explorer.

MQ Explorer is an optional component of IBM Explorer for z/OS

The documentation included with MQ Explorer is available online as part of the IBM WebSphere MQ information center.

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WebSphere MQ demo. Integrate diverse technologies and resources

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