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WebSphere Business Integration Server

WebSphere software

Technical detail

Focused Process Integration Services

Focused Services offerings bring IBM Software Services for WebSphere Business Integration expertise to bear on critical activities in the overall deployment or maintenance of a WebSphere Business Integration solution. Customers are able to select specific services based on their individual needs.

If you don't see an existing service offering that meets your needs described below, contact your local WebSphere Business Integration Services Practice Manager or contact us at to have them call you.


Quick Start

QuickStart packages installation, project interface scoping, and knowledge transfer into an up-front activity, typically two weeks in duration. This offering is targeted toward customers who plan to have limited involvement from a IBM implementation team.


Technical architecture sizing and planning

Technical Architecture Sizing and Planning includes detailed interface requirements gathering and operational analytics to optimize your WebSphere Business Integration technical infrastructure. Optionally, the following advanced architectural issues can also be addressed: high availability and fail over, load-balancing, and production monitoring.


Design workshop:

An on-site design workshop teaches WebSphere Business Integration design skills to a customer development team. Normally, the design workshop occurs after the project scope has been signed-off, but design has not yet begun. A design workshop is scheduled to run for three days, but a customized workshop of whatever length is also possible.

The workshop will cover the implementation methodology as it relates to the design and development of interfaces within WebSphere Business Integration and also jumps into a case study of one of the interfaces that the team is about to design and develop.


Mentoring and team augmentation

IBM Software Services for WebSphere Business Integration resources can be added in small numbers to a customer team in order to facilitate mentoring, knowledge transfer, design and code reviews, and development assistance. Typically, these resources would co-locate with the customer team for the duration of their involvement.


Go-Live Support

Go-Live Support provides two weeks of on-site support for launch of the project into production: one week prior to Go-Live to ensure readiness and one week following Go-Live for immediate troubleshooting of any problems. Go-Live Support is recommended for projects that have had limited involvement from IBM Software Services for WebSphere Business Integration throughout their lifecycle.


Performance tuning

Performance Tuning provides for monitoring and assessment of a customer’s production environment and making adjustments to the configuration environment to optimize performance. This activity is typically scheduled following the initial go-live, once development issues have stabilized and the system is beginning to approach production volumes.


Full operational review

In addition to Performance Tuning, the customer's full end-to-end production operating procedures, including support procedures and effectiveness, monitoring utilities, production interface performance, fix and enhancement procedures, migration utilities and procedures can be reviewed and assessed. The outcome is a written report with a series of recommendations.


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