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WebSphere Business Modeler Basic V7 comes with an impressive set of features designed to meet your core business process modeling needs. WebSphere Business Modeler Advanced V7 supplements these features with ones designed to support your planning, simulation, analysis, interactive process design, and implementation needs. The following table lists the key features of each product.

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Compatibility and pricing Basic Advanced

Description Provides basic functionality for business process modeling, process documentation, and process understanding. Provides robust functionality for business process modeling, analysis, and process execution.
Operating system

Platform Compatibility Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista (Business and Enterprise Edition) on Intel® Pentium® 4 1.4 GHz minimum Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista (Business and Enterprise Edition) on Intel® Pentium® 4 1.4 GHz minimum
Licensing User License User License
Upgrade path Advanced Edition
Key features Basic Advanced
Reporting and queries confirm confirm
WebSphere Registry and Repository confirm confirm
Asset repository support (using Rational
Asset Manager server V7.1.0.1
or higher, V7.2 recommended)
confirm confirm
Team support (versioning using CVS
and Rational ClearCase)
confirm confirm
Dynamic business process analysis
Printing process model diagrams and reports confirm confirm
Static business process analysis
Ability to step through a running process
in a test environment

Publishing support (using WebSphere
Business Compass)
confirm confirm
Verify process design deployment using
WebSphere Process Server and
WebSphere Monitor Server test environments

Basic and Advanced modeling modes confirm confirm
Export to WebSphere Integration
Developer with project interchange
file (including BPEL, WSDL, XSD,
Monitor Model), WebSphere MQ
Workflow Buildtime (FDL), FileNet
Business Process Manager (XPDL)

Import of Microsoft Visio, Microsoft
Excel delimited text, Microsoft Excel
xlsm/xlsx, Lotus Forms, XML, Rational
Data Architect, WebSphere Business
Modeler project, WebSphere Business
Integration Workbench V4.2.4
organization files, Compass repository,
Websphere Business Services
Fabric Repository
confirm confirm
Swimlane editor confirm confirm
Business measures definition confirm
Export of delimited text, XML, Rational
Data Architect data, and WebSphere
Business Modeler project files
confirm confirm
Business process modeling confirm confirm
Import of WSDL, XSD, FDL, WebSphere
Service Registry and Repository
classification system, and WebSphere
Business Monitor monitoring
results (XML) files

WebSphere Registry and Repository confirm confirm
WebSphere MQ, WebSphere
Process Server, FileNet Business
Process Manager, and WebSphere
Business Services Fabric
modeling modes


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