Advanced Sample Modeling Projects for
WebSphere Business Modeler Version 6.1.2

Product documentation

These reference modeling projects are examples of actual modeling projects that have been completed using WebSphere® Business Modeler. They represent a cross-section of industries, containing many elements and processes that are familiar to industry insiders. You can use these projects as a reference when deciding how to model processes for your own business or organization.

The modeling projects make use of a set of common elements contained in the Common Elements (ZIP, 16KB) project. Before using any of the sample projects, you must import the Common Elements (ZIP, 16KB) project into your workspace.

To import the sample projects into WebSphere Business Modeler Version 6.1.2, complete the following steps:

  1. Unzip the downloaded sample. After unzipping, you will have a .mar file containing the sample.
  2. In the Project Tree, right-click and select Import. The Import wizard appears.
  3. Select WebSphere Business Modeler project (.mar, .zip) and click Next. Click OK.
  4. Click Browse to select the source directory that contains the file you want to import.
  5. In the Files list, select the .mar file containing the project that you want to import.
  6. Optionally, to import the files faster, clear the Include simulation snapshots check boxes.
  7. Select Overwrite existing elements to replace any of the elements with the same name as an element being imported. Otherwise, you will be warned when an element is about to be overwritten.
  8. When you have finished specifying your import options, click Finish. A window opens when the import process is complete.
  9. If there were any errors or warnings during the import process, click Details to read them. Otherwise, click OK.

Important: If you choose to overwrite a catalog, be aware that the entire catalog and all of its contents will be deleted and the contents of the new catalog will be imported instead.

Industry/Business Area Description
Financial Management (ZIP, 1.15 MB) Financial management can include processes ranging from reporting on and enforcing financial policies and procedures, to asset management and general accounting activities. The General Accounting & Reporting project contains 24 business process models and references to 2 stubbed business process models.
Human Capital Management (ZIP, 495 KB) Human Capital Management encompasses a wide range of activities, from the recruiting, hiring, and processing of new employees to establishing compensation, benefits and recognition awards programs for existing employees. The Recruit, Source and Select Employees project contains 7 business process models pertinent to HCM. The Reward and retain employees project contains 4 business process business models pertinent to HCM.
Supply Chain Management (ZIP, 1.62 MB) Supply Chain Management involves a diverse set of activities, from the processes associated with product design and development, and market research to the procurement of materials and services, contract negotiation, and supply management. The Design Products and Services project contains 16 business process models pertinent to SCM. The Procure Materials and Services project contains 25 business process models pertinent to SCM.
Banking (ZIP, 200 KB) The Banking project focuses on the account opening business process. The Banking project available here contains 2 business process models and references to 2 stubbed business process models.
Insurance (ZIP, 125 KB) The Insurance project focuses on the customer application business process. The project contains 2 business process models.
Government (ZIP, 594 KB) The Government - Social Services project focuses on employer registration, employer contributions and on unemployment services administration. The Government project contains 7 business process models.
Retail (ZIP, 650 KB) The Retail - General Merchandising project focuses on general merchandise maintenance. The project contains 2 business process models. The Retail - Managed Grocery project focuses on store operations, inventory management, product management and order management. The project contains 19 business process models. The Retail - Retail Store Operations project focuses on price and label management. The projects contains 1 business process model and references to 3 stubbed business process models.
Common Elements (ZIP, 13 KB) The Common Elements project contains modeling elements used in several of the industry-specific reference projects above. You must import this project into your workspace before using any of the industry-specific projects.

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