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Datasheet: IBM ILOG JViews Enterprise

JViews Enterprise is a product specifically designed for organizations that are focused on creating user interfaces for advanced business software applications.

White paper: Building Advanced Graphical Displays for the Desktop and Web

This white paper presents approaches for quickly creating and delivering graphically rich user interfaces for multiple platforms.

Redbook: IBM ILOG JViews Enterprise Integration Scenarios

This 304 page Redbook provides a step-by-step integration scenarios for both JViews Enterprise and highlights actual real-world scenarios that you can implement and how integrate them with other IBM Software products including WebSphere REST Technology, IBM Cognos, IBM Mashup Center, WebSphere Business Monitor and Business Space, and WebSphere Dashboard Framework.

White paper: Ajax for Graphics-Intensive Web Applications

This white paper explains how Ajax works and how the IBM ILOG JViews family of products uses it to create advanced web displays with graphical displays such as charts and diagrams.

Demo: IBM ILOG JViews Enterprise product demonstrations

Try online and interactive JViews demos and view examples that show you how JViews Enterprise can help add diagrams, dashboards, maps, charts, schedules and more to desktop and Ajax-enhanced Web user interfaces.

Trial: IBM ILOG JViews Enterprise

Download the free 90-day trial of IBM ILOG JViews Enterprise, a set of tools, components and APIs for building the advanced graphical displays needed by business-critical applications. The product is designed for software developers working in Java and deploying to the desktop or Ajax-enhanced browser.

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