IBM ILOG JViews Enterprise

What’s New in Version 8.8

Sample Dojo process flow diagram built with JViews Enterprise 8.8

The latest version of the product, IBM ILOG JViews Enterprise 8.8, continues its long tradition of supporting the latest Java and Web technologies.

JViews Enterprise 8.8 supports Java Development Kit 7 (JDK7), which was released in July, 2011. Developers can take advantage of the improved performance, usability, and security that JDK7 brings and use it in conjunction with JViews Enterprise 8.8.

The new release of JViews Enterprise includes support for Dojo-based displays, giving developers a new alternative to the product’s existing JavaServer Faces (JSF) Web capabilities. The new Dojo functionality (available only for diagram displays) will allow them to create displays with client-side rendering and logic and greater reactivity (i.e., no server round-trips will be required). Included in this package are a rich set of graph layout capabilities (which enable these diagram displays to be automatically rearranged for maximum readability) and animation and customization features. As a result, developers can build displays for applications that need diagrams (such as organization charts, business process diagrams, diagram editors, and layout browsers). And because Dojo is supported on many mobile devices (both phones and tablets), developers also have the option to create JViews Enterprise-based diagram displays to Dojo-compliant mobile devices.

Sample Dojo diagram organization chart built with JViews Enterprise 8.8

The release of JViews Enterprise 8.8 also includes significant improvements based on customer feedback. These include better diagramming support features for applications that include process flow (e.g., business process management) displays and also improvements to the Dashboard Editor, with better customization capabilities and ease-of-use. In addition, JViews Enterprise has simplified and improved the way that user interactions (object selection, resize, moving, tooltips, etc.) take place on all of its thin-client (JSF-based) displays. Developers who want to create these types of advanced browser displays with JViews Enterprise can be assured that their end users will have familiar (de facto standard) ways to interact with the displays. Finally, JViews Enterprise 8.8 adds more globalization support (for better handling of text and calendars in right-to-left language environments) and better accessibility support, with improved keyboard-only navigation of graphical displays.