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Graphical software components for Java™ developers

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Why IBM?

IBM ILOG Visualization for Java components provide custom, graphical components for desktop, Ajax, and Eclipse displays. These components, delivered as point-and-click editing tools and full-featured software development kits (SDKs), allow Java developers to add intuitive, graphical displays to their mission-critical applications.

Featured Product

IBM ILOG JViews Enterprise
Enables Java and Web developers to add a full spectrum of rich graphical displays to their enterprise software offerings. Build sophisticated diagrams, dashboards, maps, charts and schedules for the user interface, and deploy to the desktop and Ajax-enhanced Web.

Other Products Sample Screen Applications
IBM ILOG JViews Telecom Graphic Objects

Simplify development for telecommunications systems.
. Telecom network views
Datacom network views
Topological displays
Map displays
Equipment displays
Tree and table displays
IBM ILOG JViews Maps for Defense

Create realistic, dynamic map displays for command-and-control systems.
. Defense maps
High performance
NATO and MIL symbols
Vector and raster maps
Terrain analysis and 3D

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