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IBM ILOG Elixir Enterprise Demo. Data Analysis Dashboard. Try the interactive demo.

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Demo: IBM ILOG Elixir Enterprise product demonstrations

These on-demands demos are quick product walkthroughs, ranging from installation and setup demos for beginners, to advanced functionality for experienced developers. Watch and learn about the latest technologies and product functions.

Redbook: IBM ILOG Elixir Enterprise Integration Scenarios

This 304 page Redbook provides a step-by-step integration scenarios for IBM ILOG Elixir Enterprise and highlights actual real-world scenarios that you can implement and how integrate them with other IBM Software products including WebSphere REST Technology, IBM Cognos, IBM Mashup Center, WebSphere Business Monitor and Business Space, and WebSphere Dashboard Framework.

Demo: Introduction to IBM ILOG Visualization Software

Learn what data visualization is and why it is essential for business applications today. This demo shows a variety of advanced visualization display techniques and introduces IBM ILOG data visualization products as a means to create these displays.

Trial: IBM ILOG Elixir Enterprise

Download IBM ILOG Elixir Enterprise, a suite of professional user interface controls that gives developers a full spectrum of advanced graphical displays for the most demanding line-of-business applications.

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