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Webcast: Making the Case for BPM and Justifying a BPM Investment in 2010

In this webinar, BPM provides exactly the right technology and approach to improvement that every company needs right now - more efficiency, better customer interactions, faster return on investment and lower risk projects. So, how do you get people to listen to you and place BPM at the top of the budget priority list? Well, start with the fact that the majority of customers report a better than 100% ROI in under one year. A good start for your case.

WebSphere Lombardi Edition 7.1.0 Brochure

Process improvement is at the heart of all Business Process Management (BPM) initiatives. But driving process improvement requires people from across the company to work together to design, control, monitor and optimize processes. IBM® WebSphere® Lombardi Edition delivers the platform for driving process improvement.

HML - Delivering Great Credit Management Results with BPM

Homeloan Management Limited (HML), headquartered in London, England is a financial outsourcing company. With over 20 years of experience in managing customer accounts for some of the world's biggest financial institutions, HML is the UK's largest mortgage servicer. Come hear Paul Swinson and Niki Quick from HML, discuss their BPM journey during a recent webinar.

Making the Case for BPM, A Benefits Checklist

This white paper is intended for groups who want to make the business case for investing in BPM to drive process improvement. Provides an overview of the benefits companies can expect from BPM, concrete examples of value and compares the use of BPM to alternative approaches for driving process improvement.

Large Insurance Provider Automates Invoice Disputes

In this case study, typical of all WebSphere Lombardi Edition projects, this provider, a Fortune 500 Company, was able to deploy the first version of their Invoice Reconciliation process in just 90 days.

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