WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration

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Jon Lal, Sr Application Engineer at Blackboard, details the challenges they faced connecting their ERP system (Peoplesoft) with 2 separate Cloud and on premise CRM applications. He details his evaluation process, namely custom code, and how choosing WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration became integral to data quality, streamlining business processes and overall adoption of the new CRM system. He summarizes how Cast Iron's Template Integration Processes (TIPs) reduced the learning curve and provide best practices which allowed Blackboard to integrate quickly and efficiently.

Reed Sheard, CIO, and Joel Banez, Director of College Software, of Westmont College detail how WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration brings agility and flexibility as well as empowers them to meet their business goals in higher education.

High Tech

A budget-conscious mid-size organization with a lean IT department recounts how choosing WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration over custom code allowed their IT staff to ramp-up and begin integration projects in 2 weeks, experience an on-going time-savings of 40 hours per week and achieve a competitive advantage in their space.

Colin Devine of SAI Global, a leading information services provider located in Australia, recounts his experience in adopting a Cloud strategy, identifying the need to integrate many to many applications, and their subsequent vendor evaluation process.

Real-time integration between salesforce.com Service Cloud and multiple applications (Oracle Apps, Akamai, etc.)

Bill Scudder, Bill Parks and Paul Ray recount how WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration enables Sonus Networks to meet their goals of agility, scalability and rapid expansion by connecting with salesforce.com Service Cloud.


Real-time integration between Stone River, Guidewire, SQL apps and more

Michael Knibbs and Nina Pe Benito of CompWest Insurance explain how WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration brings agility and flexibility as well as assist in data quality compliance in the highly regulated insurance industry.

Life Sciences

Hear Greg Glaser, from AmerisourceBergen, recount how WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration was selected over several competitors after a rigorous evaluation process, and the company was subsequently able to achieve a substantial ROI.

Austin Zoutis, of eBioscience, describes how the ability to quickly leverage pre-built orchestrations out of the box, deliver a solution in a short period of time, and provide a good partnership made WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration their choice solution.


Brandon Yackle, Application Systems Architect from Elkay Manufacturing, recounts how WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration enabled them to quickly and easily integrate their Cloud CRM application (Salesforce.com with ERP systems (Peoplesoft among others) as well as other websites and data sources from around the globe.

Real-time integration between SAP and salesforce.com Sales Cloud and Chatter

Randy Berger from Siemens Energy shares how he quickly integrated his cloud CRM to on-premise ERP system using WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration. You'll learn how Siemens integrated sales data from SAP, such as invoice and order status, in real time with salesforce.com and how to mash up Chatter feeds within Salesforce.com for real-time updates.

Asa Perry and Kevan Bray of Taser International, an international leader in manufacturing self-defense and personal security products, discuss how deploying WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration to connect their Cloud CRM application (salesforce.com) and their on premise ERP system (Microsoft Dynamics AX) allowed them to achieve a quick ROI, substantial cost-savings, and a drastic increase in user productivity and customer satisfaction.


Mark Litherland, Architecture and Integration Director of Grizzard Communications, discusses his Cloud computing adoption strategy during the process of mergers and acquisitions, and the importance of integration across the hybrid world of Cloud and on premise applications. He details how WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration rapidly connects his newly adopted Cloud CRM, Salesforce.com to a myriad of disperate systems, including B2B from external partners and vendors, contributed to an increase of 30% to their bottom-line.

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