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Salesforce integration to your enterprise with WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration

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Salesforce integration with all other business critical applications in your organization is an essential component to a successful cloud strategy. You just purchased and need to synchronize your master list of customers, products, prices, previous order histories, and other business critical data, with your other key applications. The challenge is to accomplish this necessary integration without embarking on a lengthy, costly and complex project cycle requiring specialized skill-sets and multiple moving-parts to install and maintain.

"[IBM] Cast Iron is my go-to partner for integration. Their platform is rock solid and competitors are not even close. Their solution meets the needs of small businesses as well as the large enterprise." Dean Robison, SVP Consulting CSS integration: the “configuration, not coding” approach

IBM created a fast and simple solution specifically for integrating with all other applications. WebSphere® Cast Iron® Cloud Integration uses a "configuration, not coding" approach, enabling customers to complete their data migration, consolidation and integration projects in just days. This user-friendly, template-based approach dramatically simplifies integration projects for, eliminating the need for specialized skill-sets and empowering your organization to leverage repeatable best-practices based on successful integration projects. integration for your enterprise

Most customers need to rapidly synchronize sales data - such as leads, accounts, opportunities and forecasts - with a variety of internal systems, including ERP, CRM and custom applications. Just as the “No Software” experience of has simplified sales automation, WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration provides full functionality as well as flexible deployment options to completely map to your organization’s IT strategy. . Custom cloud, Service cloud, Sales Cloud, Chatter Colaboration Cloud to IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration. ERP, SaaS Applications, Flat-files/Excel, All major Databases, Leading Middleware Tools, XML and Web Services, Customer Support.
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Why choose WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration for integration?

WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration for provides IT Departments with the agility and flexibility to rapidly respond to your organization’s business needs. The product has been specifically engineered for and contains everything needed to complete integration projects in days.

Fastest time to market:

  • Graphical configuration, not coding approach
  • On demand library of pre-built Template Integration Processes (TIPs) for the most common integration scenarios

Lowest costs:

  • Up to 80% lower maintenance costs vs. software-based alternatives
  • No need to maintain multiple components including hardware, web servers, databases, integration brokers, etc.

Simplest monitoring and management:

  • Proactive alerting of data and connectivity errors
  • Monitor from anywhere, anytime

Most rapid, efficient development:

  • 100% standards-based; no reliance on native application architectures, coding language or niche middleware skills
  • Pre-built and pre-optimized connector for
  • Pre-built connectors for major ERP applications, all major databases, flat-files, Web Services, messaging systems, and more

What integration problems does WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration solve?

WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration rapidly solves a variety of integration and data migration problems that involve both internal and external applications. Problems that need synchronization, either real time or batch, between and other systems are easily solved with this Cloud integration product. Companies in industries ranging from manufacturing, retail and consumer goods to energy, transportation and logistics, use this product for to solve problems like these:

Synchronize data in real time between and other systems: Connect with:
  • Accounts and Contacts with ERP customer master
  • Opportunities with Order management systems
  • Forecasts with other CRM systems
  • Quote requests with Order management systems
  • Leads and Campaigns with marketing automation systems
  • Activity history with external reporting systems
  • Invoices with Billing systems
  • Case data with Customer Support systems
  • Pricing and product catalog data with PLM systems
  • And many more…
  • CRM including Siebel, Clarify, Remedy, Oracle, Kana, Vantive, etc.
  • Customer support systems
  • All major databases including Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, mySQL, Sybase, Informix, etc.
  • Flat-files using FTP, HTTP(S), E-mail
  • XML and Web Services
  • EDI
  • Middleware and all major EAI platforms
  • Project management applications including Clarity/NIKU
  • Custom applications
  • And many other applications…

Simplify your integration projects

WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration for is self-contained and provides everything needed to integrate with other applications and endpoints. This Cloud integration product is AppExchange certified and provides the following features to simplify and accelerate data migration and integration with

Migration. Integration. Extraction

Migration and data quality:

Data Profiling. Intelligent Data Cleansing. Data Enrichment

  • Intelligent data cleansing:
  • Data enrichment: Perform lookups with third-party providers to enrich your data

Integration and extraction

Connectivity. Transformation. Workflow. Management

Accelerate your projects with template integration processes (TIPs)

With thousands of successful customer integrations, WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration leverages a wealth of integration experience to provide a comprehensive set of TIPs. Offered for the most common integration scenarios between and a number of enterprise applications like NetSuite, SAP, Oracle, etc., these TIPs eliminate the need to build your integrations from scratch. You can simply log in via your browser, select the template that best suits your requirements and enjoy proven, supported and certified processes. The TIPs can also be further customized to meet your specific needs using a simple configuration wizard.

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