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Hear from successful SaaS Implementers and Solution Integrators on why partnering with IBM to deliver WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration empowers their businesses to provide their customers and prospects proven and trusted technology for connecting cloud and on premise applications. Learn how WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration, and our business partner ecosystem are critical components to IBM’s cloud strategy.


View the videoThis video describes how the leaders in SaaS Implementations and Cloud Integration have successfully partnered with WebSphere Cast iron Cloud Integration to deliver successful, integrated Cloud applications in days rather than months.

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TeleTechTeleTech, a global business processing outsourcer and both partner and customer of IBM, talks about their achievements and success in Cloud computing by using WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration.

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View the videoAnne Marie Berger of ForeFront, a boutique SI specializing in integration, recounts how partnering with IBM using WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration empowers ForeFront to deliver and achieve successful Cloud Computing strategies for their clients, as well as save them money, time and risk by avoiding mistakes on their connectivity projects.

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Summa Technologies

View the videoAudrey Dunning, CEO of Summa Technologies, an IBM partner, talks about how adding WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration to their portfolio enhances their service ability, their relationship with other partners (such as salesforce.com) and ultimately equating to an increase in business opportunities.

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IBM’s Commitment to Enabling & Empowering our Partners and Customers in the Mid-Market

View the videoSME Jaime D'Anna (IBM) & Partner/Channels expert Eric Hoogerhuise (IBM) discuss IBM's strategy and commitment to enabling our Partners and Customers to succeed in the Mid-Market. They are joined by Mike Mulryan (Ipswitch) who shares his experience as a Mid-Size company how using IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration saves his team time and costs, which translates to a competitive advantage. We then hear from Anne Marie Berger (ForeFront) who details how partnering with IBM provides her Mid-Market clients the support and tools they need for their success.

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