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Connecting Microsoft Dynamics to your applications with WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration

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Integrate Microsoft Dynamics – in days

WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration for Microsoft Dynamics delivers simplicity by providing everything needed to complete application integrations using a "configuration, not coding" approach that frees up expert programmers. Microsoft Dynamics customers choose this Cloud integration product to integrate their applications in days and for 80% less than the cost of other alternatives.

Connect Microsoft Dynamics with Your Enterprise

Most Microsoft Dynamics customers need to rapidly migrate and integrate sales and financial data — such as leads, customers, orders, inventory and invoices — with other applications and partners. WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration for Microsoft Dynamics provides comprehensive connectivity to all these applications without any need to install anything at the endpoints.


What Problems Does WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration Solve?

WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration for Microsoft Dynamics rapidly connects a wide variety of applications and endpoints while complementing existing integration technologies. Companies in industries ranging from manufacturing, retail and consumer packaged goods, to energy, transportation and logistics, use this Cloud integration product to solve application integration problems like these:

Synchronize data in real time between Microsoft Dynamics and other systems:

Connect Microsoft Dynamics with:

Accelerate Your Microsoft Dynamics Integration Projects:

WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration for Microsoft Dynamics provides everything needed to migrate and integrate Microsoft Dynamics with other applications and endpoints by providing the following key features to simplify and accelerate data migration and application integration:

1. Migration. 2. Integration. 3. Extraction.

Migration and Data Quality:

Data Profiling. Intelligent Data Cleansing. Data Enrichment

Integration and Extraction

Connectivity. Transformation. Workflow. Management.

TIPs and PIPs

With thousands of successful customer integrations, WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration leverages a wealth of integration experience to provide a comprehensive set of template integration processes (TIPs) and packaged integration processes (PIPs). These TIPs and PIPs are offered for the most common integration scenarios between Microsoft Dynamics applications (e.g. Great Plains and CRM) and also a number of other enterprise applications like, SAP, Oracle, etc. and eliminates the need to build your integrations from scratch. You can simply log in via your browser, select the template that best suits your requirements and enjoy proven, supported and certified processes. The TIPs can also be further customized to meet your specific needs using a simple configuration wizard.

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