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Why requirements management really matters

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In 2009, the costs of replacing Marine One helicopters mushroomed from 6.1 to 11.2 billion dollars. A report released by the Defense Science Board blamed "poor communication" of aircraft requirements as the cause.

In businesses all across the world, regardless of size, type or industry, the need for effective requirements management has never been more critical to ensuring project success. However, a surprising number of companies suffer from ineffective Requirements processes.


We delivered the application to the customers and after 5 years of developing it they said “well, what is this? We can’t use this” and they basically scrapped the whole program. It was right then that the organization I was working for realized that they hadn’t really done requirements management.


Without effective requirements management, business users lack access to timely and accurate information, hindering communication and contributing to delays, errors, and excessive rework.


Our biggest issue in terms of software development is really collaboration, making sure that everybody has, is on the same page, is working to the same requirements.


It’s estimated that being late to market by six months or more will cost organizations up to 33% of the originally expected 5 year R.O.I. And yet, surprisingly, only 28% of projects are on time and on budget and 41% of projects fail to deliver the expected business value.

In order to meet customer, business and regulatory needs, organizations need better requirements management. That’s why more and more companies are turning to IBM for industry-leading software solutions for requirements management.


What our team is doing is using the IBM toolset to manage the requirements from start to finish in the programs, so we’re talking about capturing the requirements, consolidating them, using DOORS, in a single set of requirements, managing the requirements with DOORS, Change and Synergy for change and config management.


IBM solutions like Rational Requirements Composer, Rational Requisite Pro, and Rational DOORS, help organizations reduce risk and rework, cut costs, accelerate time to market, and meet customer needs.


In 6 months since deployment we’ve seen a 69% net reduction in the cost of test preparation, testing, and rework by using IBM Rational DOORS and an improved requirements management process. Our team is testing and reworking comparable functionality in one-sixth the calendar time and one-third the person hours. And we are able to better meet the needs of our stakeholders.


Poor requirement practices are costly. But businesses that effectively define and manage requirements can enjoy successful outcomes, satisfied stakeholders, and a competitive advantage in their industry. See how your business can benefit from IBM requirements management solutions.

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