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Make Technology Simple To Adopt

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John Clarke | SVP & CIO | Nokia

One of my favorite stories about cost-cutting, and there are many, is the way in which we used IP technology. We started here, first of all, in putting Voice over IP on our PCs, on our laptops, because most people were involved in conference calls, exchanging slides, and would sit there with a phone and a laptop. We quickly identified that there was a convergence opportunity here. That convergence was to use IP technology. It also helped us address a problem, which was basically, when you all sit there on the phone call, on a mobile phone call, it can be very expensive, while in front of you there is a cheap alternative. That was the first kind of phase of cost-cutting and a very popular one. But there was a far bigger opportunity and a far more compelling one. Because then we quickly decided that actually, it would be even better to have that Voice over IP on a mobile device. The migration from the stand-alone Voice over IP to a mobile voice over IP solution came about fairly quickly. That was the feedback. The feedback came back which was, “We like Voice over IP.” We had people who were initially a bit wary of this technology and a bit suspicious. As they quickly started to use it, they realized it’s not too bad. When they saw the savings, it was not too bad and very good. They then said, “Is there now a way we could do this on our mobile devices so I can still do that while walking around, or use that as my de facto device, because we see the mobile device has what we call the fourth screen.” It’s the fourth screen they’ll use in life. So, basically, we put the client onto a Symbian operating system and deployed it rapidly. Again, we made that deployment simple. You give us your ID, and it’s an over-the-air deployment. You get it on your device. No work required. Literally you say yes, and it’s done. The lesson learned there, though, and to get great user adoption of this, was two things. One, make it very simple. Two, don’t make people think. Make it an obvious thing that actually to do a mobile Voice over IP call is the automatic thing to do. Don’t put a decision step in the middle of that. Make it become so obvious that they don’t have to think. Therefore, they will adopt technology and they will achieve cost savings without realizing it. Our biggest benefit there has been, one: a very clear cost saving; and two: the cost saving comes at no great discernible change in how they work.

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