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IBM InfoSphere - Tenaris video

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Tenaris is our global manufacturing company that produces steel tubes and services for the industry of oil and gas. The company has manufacturing facilities in four continents and a network of service and solution centers in over 20 countries.


Last year there was a high the price of the petroleum in the world and this issue makes the company provide more services and products to the petroleum manufacturers. By this reason the company grows a lot and need of information grows too. The need of information is very important because the managers and the directors need to have the need to controlthe business day by day with the last data.

IBM Versus the Competition

We compared Information Server with Informatica and CA products and we choose Information Server. Information Server has the connectivity features that we need, the capacity to integrate the SAP with our other systems.


SAP is a center point of our IT infrastructure because we have the administrative, financial, human resources and commercial systems running on SAP. The last three years we consolidated the information of all of our mills in SAP through IBM Information Server.


Previous to the implementation of Information Server the management of information was with manual coding and the limitations were around the quantity of errors, not a lot of accuracy and the information was not on time. As a result of the implementation of IBM Information Server now it is more easy to analyze the different aspects of our business. The CIO and the director of the company check the information of the data warehouse; they compare it to data warehouse day by day to evaluate the business. The speed of development was improved and costs were reduced. And, the governance and the deployment time was improved too.

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