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Enterprise Modernization: Lowering TCO for multi-platform applications

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Hi, I’m Hayden Lindsey, and I'm responsible for Rational's Enterprise Modernization solutions.

Everyone is well aware that we are in tough economic times right now.

However, these difficult times also present opportunities for companies that can quickly adapt to these changing conditions.

Unfortunately, most companies aren't all that agile.

When you look at what inhibits companies from being as agile as they would like ... IT is often cited as a problem area.

While there can be many root causes, among the most important are ...

- (1) a reliance on fragile legacy applications about which companies

have very limited understanding,

- (2) development staff that are not sufficiently productive,

- and (3) disconnected team infrastructure that inhibits collaboration.

These problems limit flexibility and are costing you money.

Rational's Enterprise Modernization solutions are designed to address these inhibitors to IT flexibility ... while also lowering costs.

The solutions focus on 3 major areas:

- Applications,

- People

- and Teams.

Our Applications solutions are about improving how you build, maintain and manage the applications that run your business.

Our tools can help you understand your application portfolio ... aligning it with your business processes ... and ensuring that changes do not have unforeseen breakages.

We provide support for publishing and managing reusable assets -- definitely a focus area given the vast expense advantage of reuse over Greenfield development.

Or maybe you need a rich Web 2.0 interface for your system.

We have tools for that too.

Of course People must build, maintain and manage your applications ... so our people solutions help improve productivity ... reduce operational costs ... and attract new talent.


We offer modern, Eclipse-based IDEs for all development languages ... bringing high productivity features like code assist to COBOL,

PL / I, RPG and even Assembler development.

We have a high-level language called EGL, that delivers extreme productivity for multi-platform development ... where

multi-platform means some portion is deployed to CICS and another portion is deployed to Websphere, as an example.

And, we help attract new talent to replace your retiring workforce.

Offer them a modern IDE, not a 30-year old green screen editor!

Finally, software development is a

team sport ... so our Team solutions are about consolidating teams across locations, roles and deployment platforms in order to improve quality ... shorten time to market ... and reduce costs.


Almost all companies building multi-platform systems have completely different team infrastructures for their host and distributed teams

- different source management,

- different problem tracking,

- different build solutions,

- different project dashboards.

One would NEVER craft such a complicated and expensive solution if starting today -- this is just a holdover from how the industry has evolved.

It is time to fix this nonsense.

Rational’s team solutions allow customers to consolidate all teams onto a single, common team infrastructure ... providing improved collaboration, better quality and lower costs.

For those customers feeling “stuck” on outdated tools like Endevor, Changeman, Natural or Cool:Gen ... we have the ability to move you over to our Enterprise Modernization solutions with a very quick ROI -- and vastly lower costs going forward.

In order to get started ... we offer Modernization Assessment services that will help YOU identify where you will get the best ROI ... the most flexibility ... and the greatest cost savings.

I encourage you to contact your IBM representative so we can help you get started!

For more information on Enterprise Modernization ... visit

Stay tuned as Rational Talks to You all year long!

Thank you

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