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DB2 Autonomics for Lower Administration Costs

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Title: DB2 Autonomics for Lower Administration Costs

Caption: Ease of administration

Martin Hubel says "Customers rarely have the DBA resources they need to support large scale implementations, and as such, anything that DB2 can do that allows them to reduce the amount of support staff they have and to get more done with less people is crucial to them. The increased autonomics and ease of administration in DB2 9.7 will greatly help them."

Caption: Increase productivity

Phillip Gunning says "With DB2 9.7 new component based monitoring and time based monitoring, our customers are going to be able to increase their productivity because they’re going to be able to focus in on exactly where the problem is. And they’ll be able to increase the productivity by being able to identify problems and solve them faster."

Caption: Without having to change the database schemas

Tom Holdener says "In medicine, it’s constantly changing, and we’re always capturing new data elements, new types of data. We need to be able to get that data into our databases fairly quickly. By using XML, we can now extend just the XML schemas without having to change the database schemas."

Caption: Save on our database administration cost

Tom Holdener says "By reducing the number of tables from 70 to 100 down to 7, we’re able to save on our database administration costs, thus saving BJC Healthcare money on the bottom line, and the ongoing administration costs in the future."

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