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Driving Value with Rational Solutions for SOA in a Down Economy

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Hello, my name is Jamie Thomas,

IBM Software Group Vice President for Rational’s Product Development, Delivery and Customer Support

In the last few years, we’ve seen Services Oriented Architecture -- or SOA -- become mainstream ...

... and today, IBM’s SOA approach benefits both business and IT by extending business value from basic to advanced projects.

The Smart SOA approach demands simplicity and robustness in every project ... eliminating unnecessary complexity -- while building a strong foundation for future growth.

With that said, customers today are faced with many challenges

to implementing a successful SOA ... the most daunting of which may be flexible business and IT alignment.

Rational helps our customers deliver strong business value through a software factory approach to SOA -- one that can provide ...

* Significant cost efficiencies and operational stability, through repeatable automation,

* Governance and control of the Software Supply Chain.

* The ability to manage changes collaboratively and in real-time in a

complex, globally distributed environment ...

* And maximum reuse of assets to support assembly of software applications from software components.

Rational’s solution, underpinned by our collaborative Jazz offerings such as Rational Team Concert ... enables our customers to link Business and IT through an actionable Enterprise Architecture facilitated by Telelogic System Architect.

The Enterprise Architecture is then used to drive SOA solution delivery through the Rational Software Delivery platform with well defined processes and best practices.

Finally, with services developed or leveraged from existing IT investments ... customers can seamlessly deploy and monitor their SOA with integrations to WebSphere and Tivoli runtime and operational SOA tools.

As you can see ... Rational has much to offer in helping you achieve your goals with SOA.

For more information ... visit the URL on the screen.

Stay tuned as Rational Talks to You all year long!

Thank you for your time.

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