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Visa - Large scale data warehousing incl. Compression and Partitioning

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Ellen Reys


My name is Ellen Reys and I'm a chief database architect at Visa/Inovant. The data warehouse infrastructure encompasses approximately 400 terabytes of the primary data. We have close to 2,000 tables, thousands of users and it's very, very complex processing.

When the question arose, which DBMS can address this size and these requirements and provide good quality service, DB2 with DPF became a DBMS of our choice.

DB2 9 was long awaited version of DB2 UDB because a lot of features, specifically that address warehousing problems were the features that we had been requesting. And in particular table partitioning, compression, raw compression.

Our experience was very positive. We were pleased, very pleased with table partitioning and flexibility in management and ability to do roll in and roll out of the data for the long retention.

Compression is one of the features that is absolutely critical and provides a huge benefits in the large terabytes warehouse environment.

We did evaluation on couple of tables of six million records, around six million records. We received, we observed 70 percent compression ratio with a very small overhead.

So we really believe that this feature will provide a huge saving and benefit and make us more productive and more cost effective.

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