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Real innovation with Real Budgets

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#2767 IBM Rational 101 Animation

Revised script 6/15/2009


Chapter 1

Tight economic times can squeeze

businesses hard. Cutting costs may

be your first concern, but how can you cut costs without stifling innovation or undermining your investments? For many, software is that key to innovation with projects that just can’t be canceled while waiting for conditions to improve. What you need from your software is a way to maintain your competitive edge while reducing costs.

Your software is a critical part of your business, and it must be delivered on time, on budget, and with the capabilities that the business demands. To meet these requirements, new solutions must be found which increase productivity, facilitate real-time collaboration and ensure the performance, security and effectiveness of your software.

Let’s take a look at a mid-sized business, JK Enterprises, who has found just such a solution.

The letters “IT” appear on the screen, next to an icon that shows a user at a computer. This icon will represent IT. The icon grows while the words disappear. Next to the icon appears the words “maintain existing infrastructure”, “Reduce costs”, and “innovate”. The IT icon is attached to all three needs with lines.

An icon representing the IT budget connects to the IT icon, and then shrinks, while another, representing costs, does not. Money travels from IT to the three words, but in smaller amounts.

The images disappear and are replaced with the outside of a building, which is marked with a giant sign proclaiming it to be “JK Enterprises”.

Chapter 2

JK relies on their website as a primary tool for selling to distributors and individual stores. Now JK is planning to launch a new and improved website supported by the sales team’s new customer relationship management software.

The new site and system must protect their stored data from attack. The project needs to be delivered on time, with minimal errors and rework. And the internal and external IT groups must work together efficiently to get it all done.

How will JK balance what they need versus what they can afford?

JK leverages the power and simplicity of IBM Rational. They worked with Rational to optimize their IT business process and now utilize three solutions: Rational AppScan Express, Rational Quality Manager Express, and Rational Team Concert Express. IBM solutions are priced right for businesses of any size, and will grow with them.

Click the challenges on your screen to see how simple solutions from IBM Rational tackle these problems, and quickly pay for themselves.

We zoom into the building marked JK Enterprises, and end up inside the main office. The solution titles are superimposed for us to see: Rational AppScan Express, Rational Quality Manager Express, Rational Team Concert Express.

We see a sample order being placed on the website. The monitor rotates, and the site is replaced by a map of the new process. “Website” is in the middle, and new lines connect to “Sales CRM”, “Production”, and “Distribution”.

The monitor rotates once more. It begins blank. Three challenges appear as mentioned: Application Security (with a lock graphic), On Time (calendar graphic), Collaboration (two interlocking arrows). An ROI and Budget graphic appear along the side – both fluctuate.

The three challenges go full screen, and each is briefly highlighted to demonstrate that it has become clickable.

Section 1 - TCE

JK needs to keep productivity high for both in-house and outsourced IT developers, keep all team members on the same page, and have a way to track project progress.

IBM Rational Team Concert Express helps project teams work together in an agile environment. Automated data collection and reporting makes project oversight far easier for JK’s IT management, greatly reducing administrative overhead. Real time collaboration between team members around the world improves communication, reduces rework, and boosts productivity. And because managers at JK leverage an automated dashboard to understand and monitor project progression, JK teams no longer waste hours in status meetings, or on manual status reports.

For Spanish: To learn more about IBM Rational Team Concert Express, click the link on the screen.

For English, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish version: See how much you can save with Rational Team Concert and how fast you can realize your ROI, with this RTC ROI Calculator .

The camera travels a long way from the JK main building to the outsource operation, partway around the world.

“IBM Rational Team Concert Express” is displayed in the sky – two interlocking arrows appear on the ground, connecting the two locations, then pulling them much closer together.

Data travels along the arrows, shared between the buildings.

Some data bits are pulled up into a floating table of metrics.

Icons representing scrap and rework go downwards, while a productivity icon moves upward.

An image of a dashboard appears, showing how they can keep track of project status.

A link appears on the screen. For non-English users, it is the TCE logo, for English users, it is a money icon representing ROI.

Section 2 - RQM

The new JK Enterprises website and supporting CRM software applications will offer a variety of services to both customers and employees. These new capabilities present opportunities for bugs and glitches to cause problems - especially as these new applications are interconnected with a variety of existing applications.

IBM Rational Quality Manager Express simplifies the test management process. Now JK can manage their test planning, design, execution, reporting and overall workflow within IBM Rational Quality Manager Express’s Web 2.0-style centralized test management environment.

Tracking and metrics for analysis and reporting quantify how ongoing project decisions have impacted overall progress, providing insight for informed decision-making and to assist in future project planning and ongoing process improvement.

By catching problems early in the software delivery lifecycle, JK spends less money and time to fix them. Down the line JK may even decide to automate some of their manual functional and performance testing activities, leading to greater consistency, shorter test cycles, and improved test coverage.

For Portuguese,: To learn more about how you can optimize your software quality process click here.

For All other versions: See how much you can save with a Rational Quality Management solution and how fast you can realize your ROI, with this RQM ROI Calculator.

We open on the new JK website, then pull back from the computer screen in the storeroom. A process is in action, with boxes moving from one computer terminal, along a packing line, and onto a truck. Sparks begin to fly from various points and the boxes come to a halt.

We zoom in on a box labeled “IBM Rational Quality Manager Express”. Next to it on the box is a handwritten list with checkboxes next to it. The list rotates to reveal a computerized version, in better order.

The list is tabulated, and the results are graphed.

A red line traces up the side of the list, then highlights a missed item.

The list flips over and we’re within the development environment, amongst the code. A list of bugs appears in the center of the screen. It’s a continually cycling list. Items start green, turn yellow, then finally turn red. They are mostly checked off while still green.

The list is highlighted and deleted, and replaced by the IBM Rational Quality Manager Express graphic, which is highlighted to show it is clickable. For English viewers, the graphic includes a money icon representing ROI.

Subsection 3 – AppScan Express

JK knows the absolute necessity of protecting sensitive customer data. One lapse in security could permanently scar the reputation of the company, or even embroil JK in a consumer lawsuit or government fines. And they know that network security is not enough, and that the majority of attacks are successful through the web application itself.

But they also know that they don’t have unlimited resources to ensure website security and compliance with regulations such as PCI DSS – a requirement for all businesses dealing with credit cards online.

Luckily, IBM Rational AppScan Express offers automated testing of web applications for vulnerabilities.

Automated scans methodically examine and probe web applications, leading to less manual testing. This lowers cost while helping to protect against the threat of attacks and ensuring compliance.

For all versions: For more information on how to keep your business safe on the web at a lower cost, click on the link.

JK’s information is seen going into a vault, which is locked tightly. We zoom into the lock, which opens for a moment, and next to it appears the words “loss of reputation”, “consumer lawsuit”, and “government fine”, all highlighted with warning symbols.

The lock closes again, and the camera pulls back to see the vault in full.

A list of WEBSITE FEATURES is on the board. The list arranges itself as a circle, with a thin line border. Attacks (arrows, static bolts, rams) come from several directions. IBM Rational AppScan Express appears as text…

…then circles the list of features, probing the gaps between words. When it’s finished, the circle border has increased in thickness.

A paper with a handwritten list and a pencil sit on a desk. The desk top flips to reveal a laptop instead, complete with the same list. The list is automatically checked off and the laptop closes. The overhead lights click off, leaving us in the dark. A desk light is snapped on, showing IBM Rational AppScan Express on the lid of the laptop. The graphic glows to show that it is clickable.

For all versions, except Spanish and Portuguese, the graphic also includes the icon of a briefcase.

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