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Define rules, assign roles, and manage access levels to Shopz within your organization.

Productivity, plus. Thousands of customers worldwide use the online convenience of Shopz to plan, purchase, and track orders online, 24/7. Now Shopz adds Roles Authorization Management (RAM) to its capabilities, empowering the enterprise customer to easily manage user access and authorities within the tool.

You hold the keys. Each client company names a Group Manager, who will be responsible for managing one or more group profiles, determining individual access requirements, and assigning access levels accordingly. These assigned roles can apply to product orders, service orders, or both:

Efficiency, and more. RAM functionality drives a multitude of benefits for Shopz users, including:

Get started now. If your company's group profiles and user roles have already been defined and authenticated by your Group Administrator at IBM, you're all set to start leveraging the RAM enhancements in Shopz. If not, please contact your IBM representative to initiate migration to RAM. In the meantime, your users will still be able to access Shopz with pre-RAM functionality.

Agile development and deployment for cloud, mobile and more. Explore new software for System z.Agile development and deployment for cloud, mobile and more. Explore new software for System z.

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Get the new Shopz roles and access management functionality

To initiate migration to RAM, please complete and submit the online form below. For more information about RAM, or for help in completing the online form, please contact your IBM representative. Once submitted, the form will be verified by the IBM Group Administrator and Group Managers confirmed via email.

RAM application form

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