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Automate security and information governance on System z

The rate at which organizations collect, store, share and process information increases daily. Yet security breaches, compliance failures and use of misleading information continue to make headline news – often leaving disaster in their wake. You can address many of them proactively with IBM software specifically designed to enhance and automate security management and information governance of your mainframe data.

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1 Customers can save up to 70% of their audit and compliance overhead with centralized security logging, automated security event analysis, and standardized audit and compliance reporting. The reporting tools allow customers to effectively customize reports for their management. These results are based on a European Insurance Company’s input to our IBM ROI Business Value Analysis Tool using IBM Tivoli zSecure products.
2 Banco Mercantil do Brasil reduced provisioning times by 80 percent, making new accounts are available to new employees in just 12 hours. The solution also helped the bank’s help desk staff cut password-related calls by 35 percent by reducing the number of passwords each user needed to manage from seven to one.