Systems and software engineering

A more intelligent approach to building smarter products.

Software, electrical and mechanical engineers, unite.

Remember when a phone was a just phone? Today, it's also a book, movie screen, credit-card machine and computer that connects us to the internet.

Today everything from automobiles to jet fighters to artificial hearts is becoming more intelligent, connected and customized relying heavily on software, sensors, actuators, electronics and mechanical systems. More than 2/3 of manufacturers include embedded systems in their products, as software increasingly drives innovation.

However, with this innovation comes unprecedented complexity, due to interaction among technology, people and processes. To compete, manufacturers must find a way to align software development with other engineering disciplines. In order to bring smarter products to market, organizations will have to build a competency in systems engineering and software development.

Yet, according to the 2011 IBM® Global CIO Study, many decision-makers don't feel that their companies are prepared to face the challenge of designing and building innovative software.

IBM Rational® offers a systems approach to product development by applying systems engineering principles to the entire development lifecycle while also supporting a collaborative and integrated approach to software development. This helps organizations quickly adopt the best tools and proven practices to address that challenge swiftly and in the most cost-effective way.

By adopting these principles, organizations can capitalize on innovation and the flexibility needed to meet and exceed market and customer expectations.

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