Collaborative Application Lifecycle Management, they key to innovation

A better way to design and develop breakthrough software.


Building innovative software begins with integration, collaboration and optimization across software teams.

The playing field has changed. Where just a few years ago it was simply a way to automate business functions, today software is at the core of innovation and competitive advantages. And as software plays an increasing role in business decisions, the need to reduce project overruns and mitigate risk without impeding progress is imperative.

Of course, this new business model comes with challenges. How to decide which projects to move forward with? How to integrate a complex array of partners and suppliers and foster collaboration across teams working on different platforms, and in different geographies and time zones? How to optimize your time to value, reduce your risk and make sure your software teams are ready when market opportunities present themselves?

To answer these questions, today's most successful organizations need to manage their strategic planning, streamline operations, innovate and build processes that are agile in response to changing market and business needs — all while lowering costs to stay competitive.

IBM® Rational® allows companies of all sizes to integrate across the complexities of the software supply chain — collaborate among stakeholders and team members — regardless of geographic location. It allows for the improvement of traceability, reduces project risk by improving communications and helps organizations optimize decisions so applications and products reach market faster.

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