IBM Rational enterprise modernization solutions

The key to successful innovation?
Leverage what you have today, evolve for tomorrow.


The key to staying competitive is to optimize your existing infrastructure while evolving with new innovations.

React quickly to demands and opportunities. Do more with less. Cut costs and boost productivity. And always innovate. The challenges for today's IT departments are many, especially given the costs of replacing, rewriting and maintaining existing applications.

The key to meeting these challenges is to optimize current assets, skills and applications, while continuously improving the ability to respond through innovation.

IBM® Rational® can help with a measured approach to cost-effectively evolving core IT systems towards modern architectures and technologies — all while leveraging existing investments, reducing maintenance costs and freeing up resources to create new, innovative capabilities.

Revitalize applications. Discover easy and inexpensive ways to build in new functionality and flexibility.

Empower people. Attract new developers who prefer to work with the modern-day interfaces.

Unify teams. Coordinate development and delivery among siloed teams.

Optimize infrastructure. Increase system utilization of your POWER® hardware by leveraging new IBM compilers.