IBM Rational delivery and performance management solutions

Breaking down the silos between business and delivery
for better delivery management.


Improving delivery management by connecting business and delivery departments.

Doing the right things and doing things right are the essential ingredients for successful software and systems delivery. Today, these ingredients are separated in different silos without visibility, communication and collaboration across an organization.

The outcome is that projects do not meet market or stakeholder needs, are not aligned with organizational strategy and are often delivered with higher costs and behind schedule.

By eliminating silos, different parts of the organization — business, IT, delivery and more — can collaborate to prioritize, share and govern delivery. The result is a better informed organization at all levels, with greatly improved communications traceability between teams and drastically increased business value.

The IBM® delivery management solution greatly improves communications and traceability among teams, so companies can make better-informed decisions. This ultimately drives greater delivery efficiency and effectiveness.

IBM Rational® delivery and performance solutions help achieve this through:

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