IBM Rational integrated solution for application portfolio management

Are you spending your IT budget on maintenance and operations?


Shift application investment from maintenance and operations to generating value and keeping ahead of the competition.

A recent study has shown that as much as 90% of today's IT budgets go towards maintaining and operating older applications — keeping the lights on, so to speak. Much of this money is used to support redundancy in an enterprise's application portfolio as well as applications that do not support the organizational strategy or growth.

Obviously the more money a company spends on maintenance, the less it has for innovation and delivering and supporting new business opportunities.

To stay competitive, a company needs to stay innovative. One core approach to fostering innovation is to trim and modernize existing application portfolios.

The IBM® Rational® application portfolio management solution can help. It allows an enterprise to "see" into its application portfolios to discover what's working and what's not, and then reduce the number of applications supported. Once time and money are freed up from maintaining redundant, off-strategy, no-value applications, IT departments can become more productive and invest in innovation.

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Learn how you can cut IT costs, reduce risk and free up funds for innovation with IBM Rational application portfolio management.

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