IBM Rational test automation solutions

Test where it matters most


Accelerate continuous software delivery by eliminating testing bottlenecks with IBM Rational solutions.

Today’s products and services continue to grow increasingly complex. Whether deployed to traditional, cloud or modern environments, organizations are creating products and services that are instrumented, interconnected, and intelligent, and challenges have emerged when testing these new solutions. Testing has become a bottleneck to the speedy delivery of quality software, resulting in project delays, budget overruns and unacceptable or poor business outcomes.

To better ensure delivery quality at the ever-increasing velocity of change, IBM Rational® offers test automation capabilities that include leading service virtualization and agile integration testing supporting nearly any platform and domain of test. IBM Rational test automation capabilities integrate with IBM’s industry-leading lifecycle management solutions offering organizations a unique, effective continuous software delivery approach for testing that speeds cycle time allowing organizations to continue to innovate and produce better software.

The IBM Rational test automation portfolio is easy to use and administer while offering: