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To increase innovation, change how you innovate.

In today's highly connected, interactive world, nothing plays a more important role in driving innovation than software. It is the invisible thread that leads to more competitively differentiated — and successful — products and services.

Every year, organizations invest trillions of dollars in software development. For these organizations to deliver on their promise of innovation, they must adopt an approach that lets them continuously improve software and systems development and delivery.

But software-driven innovation is difficult. Development and engineering teams are often separated by platforms, processes, functions — even oceans. What's needed is a platform that addresses these challenges and allows teams to focus on what's important — delivering differentiated products and services that provide true customer value.

IBM® provides robust capabilities — an open standards-based platform and best practices — based on years of experience with client implementations, to address the inherent complexities involved in software and systems development. IBM solutions allow organizations to:

This allows for improved quality, reduced time to market, reduced risk and cost, as well as software and systems delivery that is aligned to business priorities. By leveraging IBM solutions, organizations can free up resources to focus less on the complexities of software and systems delivery and more on creating products and services that yield true customer value and satisfaction.

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