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Integrate Supplier and Partner Relationships:
Gain Value from Every Connection

Supply chains aren’t just getting more complex. They’re also stuck in the past. Partners are using a multitude of platforms and relying on error-prone manual processes. Find out what it takes to reduce supplier order cycle times and improve on-time deliveries to customers.

One Size Shouldn’t Fit All: Achieving Partner Engagement with Flexible B2B Integration

Review this eBook to:
• Learn how to effectively connect with partners
• Automate processes for increased cost savings and customer satisfaction
• Enhance collaboration to drive greater success for your organization
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9 steps to building a business case for B2B integration

Get a step-by-step guide to:
• Measure the impact of your B2B integration across your organization
• Position your project as a strategic initiative—not just tactical priorities
• Demonstrate direct and indirect benefits of your integration initiative
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Case Study: Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated (PDF, 579KB)

Find out how:
• Coca-Cola transformed their complex system of multi-gigabyte file transfers into a single cloud service
• To streamline service and support using near real-time access to information
• Increased visibility and monitoring make it possible to rapidly address issues
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B2B Integration Deployment Advisor

Use this interactive tool to receive:
• A suggested deployment approach based on your inputs
• Research results to help you build your business case
• Insights into the benefits of the suggested deployment approach
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See How Johnson Controls takes a new approach to B2B integration

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