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Supply Chain Management:
Anticipate, Control and React to Volatility

A well-connected supply chain makes it possible for suppliers and partners to interact and respond to shifts in buying behavior in real time.

Discover how to balance supply and demand, optimize global trade, and generate the kind of customer value that puts you ahead of the competition.

Three Rules for Building a Smarter Supply Chain

Understand how you can:
• “Connect the dots” to achieve a globally integrated enterprise
• Create an intelligent and adaptive supply chain
• Deliver customer fulfillment experiences that give you a competitive advantage
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New Rules for a New Decade: A Vision for Smarter Supply Chain Management

A groundbreaking executive report detailing:
• The three rules visionaries are embracing for a smarter supply chain
• How to create your own vision for smarter supply chain management
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Case Study: HP Hood Meets Customer Demand

Learn how one of the largest branded dairy operators:
• Increased on-time deliveries to 99.6%
• Reduced stock-outs, resulting in continued trust of customers
• Streamlined freight payment process to 95% automated
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See IBM Solutions for Supply Chain Management in Action

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