Mobile is your brand at work.

Drive interaction, intelligence and loyalty with mobile.

Extend and transform business capabilities to empower employees, improve customer interaction and increase your bottom line.

You have to be mobile. Morgan Stanley predicts that 10 billion devices will be connected by 2020. And many of those devices will probably belong to your staff and customers. Employees need mobile applications to help them conduct every facet of their jobs, while customers seek mobile features that personalize their experiences. By demand, mobile enterprises have to become social businesses.

Extending mobile capabilities to employees can boost collaboration, enable more responsive customer service and uncover new opportunities. Customers can gain immediate access to information, people and services that will drive brand loyalty. You'll be able to act on insights from mobile-enabled analytics.

IBM® can help bridge the gap between social business and analytics. By leveraging mobile capabilities to improve operational efficiencies and processes, customer transactions become more service oriented. Sales and brand interactions begin to grow, transforming your business. IBM mobile solutions help: