A smarter storage solution can be found in the cloud.

Put the power of cloud to work for your data storage.

Like many busy organizations, yours undoubtedly has a laundry list of needs that have to be addressed in order to run more efficiently: the need to deliver faster services, data protection, seamless communication within the company (as well as with outside partners and suppliers), and the list goes on. That’s where cloud technology comes in. Today, many organizations like yours are adopting cloud to help build a smarter, more flexible and scalable business infrastructure. But organizations using cloud services rely on top-notch storage management to ensure data is available, capacity is provisioned rapidly and storage resources are utilized effectively. This is a major challenge for storage administrators who have to deal with vast amounts of data daily. And that’s where IBM comes in.

IBM® offers a complete portfolio of cloud solutions to help reduce the complexity of storage management, backup and recovery in the cloud.

Make the move to cloud knowing IBM has the solutions to make it work for you.

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Let IBM Pave the Way to Cloud. Read how IBM SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center can simplify the move to virtual storage. Download the white paper.