Storage Management, Backup and Recovery

On a Smarter Planet, you don’t worry about storage,
backup and recovery. Your software does.

Increase storage efficiency up by improving visibility, control and automation in the cloud.

For many businesses, data growth is getting out of control. And no wonder. According to IDC, the amount of data is growing by up to 50% annually across all industries. Complicating matters, this huge influx of information includes a potentially disruptive combination of both structured and unstructured data spread across many different systems and devices.

Managing all this data demands a much more sophisticated solution than most organizations are currently using. It calls for an approach that helps classify, protect, retain and manage data according to its purpose and value while meeting increasingly stringent compliance requirements at the same time.

For smarter businesses, IBM Storage Management, Backup and Recovery solutions are the answer. They provide centralized, automated storage management and data protection that guard against data loss, reduce complexity, ensure availability and enforce compliance. They also help optimize and manage existing storage environments and mitigate risks, all while dramatically reducing costs. In fact, in virtualized storage environments, IBM clients have experienced:

For many decades, IBM has been a major innovator in data storage management, backup and recovery solutions. And given that over 80% of the Fortune 500 rely on IBM’s capabilities and expertise, your data couldn’t be in better hands.

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