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Reducing IT complexity and cost means moving beyond virtualization

Simplify the delivery of cloud resources and applications "on demand".

Migration to the cloud is in full effect, with leading companies moving past virtualization and into full-scale production of business-critical cloud solutions. In fact, in 2011 CIOs ranked cloud as their number one priority. Organizations are looking to optimize their infrastructures to run more efficiently for less money, a necessity in the face of ever-changing market demands. Achieving security, resiliency and scalability isn't an option - it's an imperative.

Organizations looking to move to cloud often find that their attempts to achieve efficiencies through virtualization have actually increased complexity and cost by proliferating images and the administration overhead needed to manage them. As enterprises expand and accelerate cloud adoption, control over this complexity is a prerequisite for success. After all, optimizing the delivery and management of IT environments doesn't occur in a vacuum. Quite the opposite. Finding the right mix of cloud-based and on-premises technologies must take into account today's environment of unparalleled change.

This is why IBM created SmartCloud Foundation, designed to help both novice and experienced organizations quickly adopt private and hybrid clouds or transform current virtualized systems into an efficient cloud infrastructure. As an integrated set of technologies, SmartCloud Foundation is resilient to the velocity of changing business needs, enables choice & flexibility in hybrid environments, and provides enterprise-class, workload-aware services and built-in analytics for improved insight and decision making. Providing your IT an integrated cloud service delivery & management platform optimized with visibility, control and automation.

In addition to the SmartCloud Foundation for on-premise cloud implementations, IBM also offers SmartCloud managed services for those that wish to have IBM manage their cloud infrastructure.

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    Preparing for Cloud

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