Cloud and IT Optimization

Realize the transformative power of cloud

IBM Smart Cloud.Every day, organizations are spending more and more on maintaining IT infrastructures, while at the same time seeing application deployment times increase. With escalating expectations on technology and the changing economics of computing, organizations need to optimize their IT infrastructures and harness the power of cloud to stay competitive in today's dynamic and volatile marketplace.

IBM and its extensive ecosystem of Cloud and IT Optimization solutions can help organizations by delivering proven ROI through common adoption patterns, including development and implementation of the right cloud strategy; cutting IT expense and complexity through a cloud-enabled data center (IaaS); accelerating time to market with cloud platform services (PaaS); and gaining immediate access with business solutions on cloud environments (SaaS). SmartCloud tecnhology is available for you to build your own clouds, or to be consumed as-a-Service on our SmartCloud service delivery platform, affording you the choice and flexibility you desire in all cloud deployments. .

The IBM SmartCloud™ portfolio includes service delivery, integration and management capabilities built upon open standards and best practices learned from over 3,000 global client successes. By leveraging IBM's leading portfolio of software, hardware, services and industry assets, companies have realized the following benefits:

In addition, projects can be funded through IBM's 0% financing options.

  • Preparing for Cloud

    Preparing for Cloud

    Change the economics of your infrastructure and improve speed to market through the cloud. Leveraging cloud's potential tomorrow begins with preparation today.

  • Reduce IT Complexity and Cost

    Reduce IT Complexity and Cost with IaaS

    Reducing IT complexity and cost means moving beyond server virtualization. Achieving security, resiliency and scalability isn't an option – it's an imperative.

  • Accelerate Time to Market

    Accelerate Time to Market with PaaS

    In today's marketplace, only the fast survive. The right cloud strategy means deploying services in minutes, not weeks.

  • Transform Business Processes with SaaS

    Transform Business Processes with SaaS

    Are your business processes as dynamic as the marketplace? Stay ahead of change with cloud solutions that transform business.